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Gear Review | Yukon Outfitters Alpha Backpack

Gear Review | Yukon Outfitters Alpha Backpack

May 09, 2016

On the blog, I'm going to start going through some of the gear that I have personally purchased and give my take on it. First up is the Alpha backpack from Yukon Outfitters. I saw the pack as part of an emergency kit available on months ago. I had been looking for something inexpensive to start my emergency bag prep and this seemed to fit the bill with everything included in the kit (review of the full kit coming soon). The kit was encompassed in the Alpha bag and not knowing anything about Yukon Outfitters, I took a chance.

The bag comes in four different colors (Coyote Foliage Two Tone, Olive Drab, Storm Grey, and Black) and is made of 600D polyester, which gives a very sturdy feel to the pack. The interior has two zippered pockets attached to the front side of the bag and a pouch in the bottom, back of the pack, as well as a two front zippered pockets, a zippered area for a bladder system and a lined zippered area for sunglasses or other items that need a softer pocket. The outside of the pack is chock full of MOLLE webbing, so you're able to attach pretty much whatever you want to the outside to complete your pack.

The pack can definitely be used as an everyday backpack for school or general use. The bladder compartment can easily fit a notebook computer and the zippered pouches will hold your everyday items with ease. For emergency prep, the bag does great too. The pockets make it easy to compartmentalize the different parts of my supplies. One thing to keep in mind, to me, it's a fairly good size bag and it can be easy to fill it up. If you're not careful, you can find the bag weighing in over 40 pounds. The good thing is the straps are well built and padded, which makes any amount of weight very comfortable when wearing.

Some of the negatives include the zippers can get a little caught up when opening, but not getting stuck, just moving them around the corners takes a little more time than you would think. Another is more personal preference, but the zipper pulls come with flimsy cordage and I've replaced them with some 550 paracord. Overall, the bag is an affordable option to store a B.O.B. in, but I recommend looking at to see when they come back, as that site will give you the best deal that I've seen. The pack is definitely one I would recommend if you're looking for a well-thought-out pack that is built to last.

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